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November 7, 2002
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Push It by girlsd Push It by girlsd
First of all.. this background doesn't look at ALL how i saved it. so i will probably redo it.
well, i hope i will anyway. it needs to be darker but. yeah

I drew this because i am enamoured with Push.
She seems to me to be the new messiah... when she's around i just turn into this zombieru. And even though i only understand, like...80% of what she says...her words put me into a place. like a k-hole. like nothing i've ever felt
i wish she were nearer to me to that i could touch her, make sure she's real and not my hallucination.
i wish she were nearer to me so that i didn't feel like such a fool for being so entranced.

Push is...

...yeah, she is.
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votblindub Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2002
that's very original
extranya Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2002
This is wow. Niftass interpretation of Push's mask. And stuff... such as EVERYTHINGGGG. --> !!!!! Exclamation marks!
silverwing Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2002  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mrrrru! Ruu! This is loverly. Push with no mask! Muaha. I love the shirt. It makes me giggle and. *dies* I wanna talk to you more. ;_;
xxsqueekbatxx Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2002
deadthin Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2002
GOD HATH NO ENVY AS SUCH! forgotten lingo, le yadda le yadda. I'M ON A ROLL TONIGHT! buttercrisp. back that ass up. yoyo.

ok, correction.

hilla this is so beau-tI[food]-full. i am in looove, and i love the take you took on push's mask. ta-takeittakeit. :: kissassingtavicecity :: da look she has is so puma, and i love the hair slick-back.

ELIZE DIS IS A RENDITITITION! la la! respect, yo.

you have some obsession with those skull brushes, si? si. i'm... drawing le somethingsomething.

OOOJUSTWATCHNOWASITURNCOOLYOCAUSEROUXD REWME! i gotta be cool and say my life is shit and LIE and say i'm neverhappy and shitlikethatcauseyacan'tbeencoolwithoutfuckingangstyoyo. and then i gotta spell all cool yo. yo g dat so phat we shud go pahtying, u no?


favorite [brand.of.tea] loveme?
deletethestars Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2002
mrrru! i love cougars! and i always wondered if someone was gonna draw push without her mask... this is georgous.... Heart
manzi Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2002
wow....just beautiful.
has push seen this yet? god, im sure she would love it.
elize Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2002  Professional Traditional Artist
very nice. i like her crazy skinnyness. very accurate. but, her hair is actually quite big and poofy. thats about it. the 3 shirt is a nice touch.
wuffie Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2002
this confuses me.. lots.. push IS amazing.. and this picture is so beautiful..
fayde Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
now where have i seen a face like that mask before? :D (Big Grin) *snicker*
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